Buying a yacht: not only entertainment, but also investment

Buying a yacht in modern society is considered a clear sign of the viability of its owner. But not everyone buys a yacht for personal use only. The names of the owners of yachts, who bought them only for their own entertainment and cruises, the magazine “Forbes” publishes annually in the ranking of billionaires.

And indeed, buying a yacht only for yourself is not profitable. After all, only the cost of its full maintenance and the purchase of fuel can make up almost a quarter of its price. Therefore, most owners prefer to rent their white beauties for rent.

Investing in the purchase of a yacht, then to rent it out, in terms of profitability exceeds investment in the hotel business or real estate. Investments, as a rule, pay off themselves completely in one or two years, and then the owner of the yacht begins to get very good profits. In addition, the yacht can be resold profitable. Since yachts are luxury goods, they do not morally grow old, so a yacht purchased 5 – 6 years ago can be successfully sold and earned an amount that exceeds its purchase value by two times.

How to choose a boat

A few points to consider when choosing a vessel.

  1. Determine the purpose of the purchase: rest, cruise, participate in races. The choice of the yacht in terms of safety depends on the purpose of the purchase. Ocean and sea vessels belong to a high security class; coastal vessels are classified as medium security class; yachts for closed water areas are considered to be ships of low security.
  2. Find out the place of manufacture of the yacht, the date, the name of the manufacturer. The choice of manufacturer is determined by its reputation. The higher the reputation of the manufacturer, the more reliable the yacht when using it in work.
  3. Rate engine performance. Availability of documentation for the engine. Engine condition for wear and corrosion. If the vessel comes into contact with water, there may be rust on metal aggregates, which is paid special attention when buying a used boat.
  4. Diagnostics of navigation equipment. In case of malfunctioning navigation equipment, the launching of the vessel is prohibited.
  5. Determine the quality of the design of the hull of the yacht – whether there are cracks, delamination of wooden products, whether the plastic objects and details of the hull are intact ..
  6. State of sailing economy, including the fort of the spar, match.
  7. Examine the layout of the yacht. Planning on the yacht should be as comfortable as possible. At the same time, you should take into account the design of the yacht, which should contribute to the rest of the passengers and crew of the yacht.
  8. Availability of equipment in the galley in working condition, arrangement of beds. Beds should be spacious enough for beds with sides to be located there. Bed size should allow an adult to stretch out to full height.
  9. Sanitary condition of the yacht. You need to check the remote corners of the yacht, where there may be mold, fungus.
  10. Availability of all technical components. Need to take care of safety features. This may be a raft, inflatable boats, the presence of lifebuoys.

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