How to rent a yacht in Greece to travel around the islands

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How to make a request for booking a yacht?

Ready to book this unique, carefully organized tour and rent a yacht? Make a request through the menu ” Contacts “, with the following information:

  1. Dates of the proposed start of the cruise and the number of days
  2. Name of the yacht or link to the page of its presentation
  3. The number of members of your group
  4. Route: From the site / Your option / Plan with preferences
  5. Contact information: Your working E-mail

Upon receipt of the request, we will provide booking information to your e-mail or notify it on the additional means of communication indicated by you. Please note that at the time of the request, the contract is not formed, and our response acts as confirmation that we have received your reservation request. Download yacht rental agreement.

Yacht rental in Greece price, payment and warranty payments

The price of renting a yacht in Greece is  set according to the price provided by the captain or owner of the yacht. The price of renting a yacht can be changed by agreement between the parties. It should be noted that our services are completely free for you, you only pay for the charter of the vessel, the services of the captain and the mandatory payments, if any. All calculations can be made directly with the captain or the owner of the vessel.

Yacht reservation confirmation

When all the conditions are negotiated and the deposit is paid, the contract is considered to be concluded, and your booking request is canceled.

The deposit is a small amount confirming your intention to book a boat. As soon as you pay the deposit (if this condition is set by the captain), the booking of the yacht becomes valid. The deposit can be paid via Yandex Money, VISA or MasterCard. In case you can’t pay with any of these methods, SWIFT bank transfers can be used. The amount of the deposit is determined by the captain after clarifying all the details of your trip and can be used as an insurance deposit in the future.

Insurance deposit

At choice:

Returnable security deposit  is a common practice of insuring the property of a yacht in case of damage during a cruise. The deposit is paid before the departure of the vessel, the captain. If there is no damage on your part, the deposit is returned at the end of the cruise. The size of the security deposit is set by the captain and reported privately or may be listed in the price list on the presentation page of the yacht.

A non -refundable security deposit , like a returnable one, performs the function of insuring the property of a yacht and can be selected by the charterer (tenant) as an alternative to the refundable deposit. Its difference is that the insurance amount is much lower, but at the same time, it is not refundable.

Why pay a security deposit?

A boat is a valuable asset and its owner expects you to treat it with care. The security deposit for the boat works in the same way as the security deposit for a rented apartment. This is the owner’s way of “protecting” himself from damage to his property. If you cause damage to the boat, the owner can save all or part of the deposit to cover the costs of eliminating it. If you do not cause damage, you will receive a security deposit back.

Yacht rental fee

The final payment of the cost of the charter of the yacht and making an insurance deposit is made by the captain or the owner when boarding the ship. The price of renting a yacht is indicated on the presentation page of the yacht, however, depending on the selected tour and season, it may differ from the actual price. If the yacht’s presentation page does not indicate the rental price for a certain period of time, you will be notified of the final price in the response to the booking request and the contract.

Additional expenses

Paid upon completion of the cruise or at the time of use of additional options that are not included in the rental price. For example, the fee for general cleaning of the vessel at the end of the cruise, a rubber boat, a motor for it, etc. Each tour has a price that you pay to cover the rental of the yacht and everything that is described in the “included in the price” section on the yacht page. The final price, and all that it includes, will be clearly indicated on the booking confirmation.

In addition, you are responsible for any additional operating costs associated with the use of the yacht, they are paid by the captain when boarding the ship. Costs will include, among other things, fuel (if it is not paid in advance or when you ask to exceed the fuel limit, about 80 euros per trip), the cost of docking in public or private marines, communications, and those costs that may be incurred by the captain in communication with the use of the yacht during your trip. The captain will take into account all costs during the charter and will give you a brief report at the end of the trip.

Award (tip)

If you were satisfied with the service you received on board, it is customary to encourage the crew. A tip of 5-10% is calculated from the price of renting a yacht and excludes the price you paid for the operating costs of the yacht (for example, gasoline, crew costs).

Which crew can I hire?

Captain of the ship: the captain is responsible for the work of the yacht during the charter, as well as for the safety of all people on board. Please note that the captain is the highest authority on board. For example, in case of bad weather, he or she is a person who decides whether it is safe to travel.

What team can I hire and what is she responsible for?

If you are interested in booking a sailing yacht or catamaran, you can hire the following command:

  1. Captain: The captain is responsible for the work of the yacht during the charter, as well as for the safety of all on board.
  2. Hostess: The hostess is responsible for the management of the household, the preparation and maintenance of meals, and, as a rule, makes you feel welcome and comfortable.
  3. Nanny: Nanny is responsible for children during the charter. She will change diapers and feed them, as well as entertain them with creative games suitable for their age.

If you are interested in booking a motor yacht or motor sailer (gulet), you can hire the following command:

  1. Captain: The captain of a motor yacht or motor sailer is responsible for the work of the yacht during the charter, as well as for the safety of all on board. The captain’s responsibilities also include keeping track of all expenses during the charter and a clear idea of ​​the cost at the end of the trip.
  2. Hostess: The hostess is responsible for the overall appearance of the boat, while maintaining order, preparing meals, and generally making you feel welcome and comfortable.
  3. Chef: The chef is responsible for preparing food according to your wishes and, of course, prepares food for you and the crew, managing the cooking and hygiene in the kitchen.
  4. Deck Sailor: A sailor is responsible for assisting the captain in maneuvers and generally controlling the yacht, as well as for the cleanliness of the deck.
  5. Nanny: Responsible for children and cares about them during the charter. She will change the diapers to children, feed them, and also entertain them with creative games suitable for their age.

Note! If you decide to order an extra crew, such as a chef and a nanny, each will be considered an extra passenger and will most likely require one or two separate cabins, presented as a passenger cabin. If you are not sure of the maximum number of passengers allowed to travel, contact the captain of the vessel or the site consultant.

Organization of your group

Capacity of the yacht – the maximum number of passengers and crew who can go on a yacht. The cost of rent includes all passengers and their number (this is you and your group) who may be on board during the trip, as well as the standard crew on board. You and your guests have permission to be on board the yacht during your trip. As an exception, there may be a limited number of visitors on the yacht, while the yacht is securely fixed in the port. Such an exception is allowed only at the discretion of the captain and communicated to them in advance.

Please note that if you decide to book an extra crew, such as a chef and nanny, each will be considered an extra passenger and will most likely require a cabin, which is presented as a passenger cabin in the tour description. If you are not sure of the maximum resolution for the flight, contact the site consultant or the captain.

Children on board the yacht

The captain will provide you with all the necessary equipment to ensure the safety of the children and inform you about the safety procedures on board the yacht. However, you are solely responsible for the children’s safety, behavior, and entertainment during your trip, unless you have hired a nanny. Children are counted in calculating the total number of people.

Group member health and ship availability

The nature of a yacht charter can make it unsuitable for people with physical disabilities or undergoing treatment. If any of the guests have any physical restrictions, you must contact us or the captain. Before sending your booking requirements, you should check to see if any of these restrictions are compatible with the boat you intend to choose.

List of members of your group

Before booking, you will need to fill out a list with full names, dates of birth, home addresses, citizenships, passport numbers and email addresses for all guests of the vessel. This list is mandatory in most areas where tours are offered. Providing a complete list of your team members without delay may result in delays in exiting and, in some cases, canceling your booking.

After making a deposit, we will ask you for the following information about your group, including children:

  1. Name and last name of the group member
  2. Date of Birth
  3. ID / number and passport series
  4. Citizenship
  5. Contact Information

If the weather is bad?

What happens if we meet inappropriate weather during our trip?

Sailing in general is highly dependent on the weather conditions that you encounter during the trip, so all suggested or agreed routes before the start of landing are valid only on the assumption that the weather will allow you to follow them.

If you happen to experience bad weather on vacation, only your captain will decide whether to continue as planned, stay moored or follow an alternative route.

Food and food

Unless otherwise specified, tours on yachts are provided independently. This means that you have everything you need to use the facilities of the yacht for cooking and snacks whenever you want. Of course, you can always eat at your local institution during your trip (unless otherwise specified). Traveling to the islands of Greece and Turkey, you will be surprised by the number of restaurants and taverns that you will find during the trip, suitable for every taste and budget.

We recommend that you spend some time making a shopping list, with everything you need on board, before you travel. Buy enough supplies for the first two days, and then replenish stocks on the islands.

If you do not want to cook, you can order the hostess and / or chef separately. He / she will be responsible for preparing food according to your wishes and, of course, preparing food for you and the team.

What products should I take with me?

Before you sail on your beautiful boat, it is important that you spend some time making a shopping list with everything you need on board. To simplify the provision of data to you, we went ahead and gathered some useful recommendations.

Before you buy anything:

  1. Ask your fellow travelers about your taste preferences before you buy something. It is advisable to plan meals that everyone will like.
  2. Check the equipment of the boat and plan food in accordance with what you can cook.
  3. Make a list if you do not want to forget something important, especially if you do not find grocery stores on your way.
  4. Boats are usually equipped with basic kitchen tools, so if you need any special tools, better bring them with you.
  5. Do not forget that storage space is limited.
  6. Plan meals that can be prepared in advance. Boats always move, so even if the sea is calm, it will be easier and safer for you to cook when the boat is fixed.
  7. Do not forget about spices and seasonings. You will surely find salt and pepper on the boat, but you must bring your own spices, mayonnaise, ketchup, etc. Don’t forget to grab paper towels, toilet paper, garbage bags and ziplock bags!
  8. Take 1.5 liters of water per person per day. Ask each group member to bring along a bottle of water.
  9. Consider a variant with a small beverage cooler. Thus, you can easily get soft drinks all day long, without opening (and without warming up) your refrigerator during the day.
  10. Think of trash. You will have to carry your trash with you for a day or two, so try to get it as little as possible.

Ideas for powering a yacht

The main diet you can make in the taverns and restaurants on the visited islands or order food on board. Here are some ideas for light and nutritious meals to satisfy your hunger during your trip. Most of them can be prepared on board as soon as possible or you can prepare them at home.


  1. Bread
  2. Butter, jams, peanut butter, cream cheese
  3. Cereals, Muesli
  4. Yogurt
  5. Bananas, oranges (vegetables, fruits)
  6. Granola bars
  7. Eggs
  8. Coffee
  9. Oatmeal


  1. Ham and cheese (or any other kind) for sandwiches
  2. Vegetables and tuna salad
  3. Fritatta
  4. Greek salad
  5. Meat salad
  6. Sandwiches
  7. Chicken barbecue (or smoked)
  8. Pizza

Light snacks:

  1. Chips
  2. Assorted nuts, dried fruits
  3. Hard cheese
  4. Fresh fruits


  1. homemade baking
  2. Cupcakes
  3. Biscuit

Other reserves:

  1. Insect repellent
  2. Universal Cleaner
  3. Ice for your cooler

Travel and itinerary information

We make every effort to ensure that the information on our website is as accurate as possible and not misleading. However, it should be noted that the description of the complete set of yachts, points of the route, the location of the base and other data on trips are published for informational purposes in order to help in planning a vacation. This information is not final or exhaustive and is not part of the contract with you. When concluding a yacht rental agreement with the captain, you can add or change conditions, discuss options, and also make changes according to your preferences or related conditions. You will be informed about such changes by the owner of the vessel before entering into the contract, if this does not apply to weather conditions (in the case of natural phenomena,

Tourist route

Any information regarding the cruising zone, cruise itinerary and the day it starts will be agreed between you and the captain of the yacht on the day of booking. Information about your day of departure can be changed depending on the weather or other unforeseen circumstances at any time. You accept and agree that any travel itinerary offer on a yacht that is published on the website is for informational purposes only and is not part of your booking. In order to avoid misunderstandings, discuss all necessary conditions with the captain, his decision is final and we cannot influence him.

Your consultant

At an incredible level, we know how much time you need to plan your trip – which is why we have assembled an excellent team of holiday experts to offer tailor-made solutions for your boat trip.

All you need to do is contact the site consultant and let you know what you are looking for!

Location and access to yachts

Transport to and from the yacht:

Most of the yachts advertised on our website are located on berths or small ports in coastal cities and villages. In some areas, access by public transport may be restricted or inaccessible, and travel routes may pass through narrow, twisting, steep, or undetermined roads. You should know that public transport and / or roads may not be the same as in your country. If you wish us to arrange transportation to your yacht, (after confirming your reservation) additional charges may apply in addition to the rental price. Please contact your site consultant to discuss this issue before making a reservation request.

Yacht Location:

Before your journey begins, you will receive a detailed letter from us, or from the captain, confirming the captain’s contact information and the exact location of the docking station within the port where your boat will be moored. If you do not agree on the provision of transportation to the yacht, in this case, only you are responsible for the late accommodation of the guests on the yacht, and departure during the time and day that are indicated in your itinerary.

Travel documents, visas, insurance

You are responsible for ensuring that all guests have all the necessary travel documents / visas and proper travel insurance during the trip.Travel insurance does not offer or provide travel insurance of any kind, and you are responsible for ensuring that all guests have travel insurance during your cruise. We are not responsible for any expenses incurred by any guest before, during or after the trip as a result of inadequate or insufficient travel insurance.

Planning a trip on a yacht and changing plans

Every trip on a yacht is unique. Information about the yacht, including suggested waypoints, located near your base or anywhere else during the trip, will help with vacation planning.

There are many details that you can customize before booking, including the size and type of yacht, the number and type of crew members, notable places and duration of the tour. You can contact the site consultant or the captain, and you will be given a detailed offer that will satisfy your requirements.

Complications with arrival:

In the event that you cannot arrive at the set time and date, you are responsible for contacting the captain of the yacht and informing him about it. You and the captain agree on alternative options and, if possible, agree with the new route.

Amendments to the tour:

If, after making a reservation, you want to change your booking or itinerary in any way, we will do our best to help you with the change, but we cannot guarantee that it will be possible. Please note that additional options are subject to a surcharge and may be charged in addition to the original price at the time of rental. You will be notified of any such additional charges.

What type of yacht to choose?

The decision on the appropriate boat depends on various factors, such as what you want to do while on a yacht, the size and composition of your group, the length of your stay. Read more about choosing a yachtin our blog.

Family with children

For families with children, sailing yachts with a length of 12 meters or more are perfect, you can also give preference to another type of yacht and rent a catamaran. In the added sections of the catamaran can comfortably accommodate children. Catamaran is a good choice for small children. In general, children can go swimming. However, keep in mind that babies and toddlers may feel that the sail limits their stay on board in a few days. For this reason, if your children are not used to swimming, avoid staying away from the port for several days.

Friends and colleagues

Groups of friends can rent a catamaran, a sailboat, a motor-sailing yacht or a motorboat depending on the size of the group and the type of vacation you are planning. Motor yachts and boats are a great option when you are looking for speed, while motor sailing yachts are ideal if you have a large group. The capacity indicated in the boat descriptions determines the absolute maximum that the boat can accommodate, including the captain and crew.

Couples and newlyweds

Couples can choose any option from the proposed boats on favorable terms for them, taking into account the length of stay and planned activities.

What things to take with you?

Packing a suitcase for a boat trip can be tricky, so here are some guidelines to help you. Read more about the equipment on the yacht , read our blog.

Keep it simple

Boats usually offer limited space, therefore, as a rule, it is only reasonable to bring the things that you need and cross out everything else from your list. Also, make sure your bag can fit under the bed or fit in a small closet. Soft luggage is highly recommended!

Clothing on occasion

Pack clothes that can be folded, and one that you do not mind to wear several times. If you have clothes made of quick-drying fabrics or waterproof, it is time to use them for this occasion. Lightweight sportswear is also recommended. Pack a hat that can hold on to the wind and non-slippery shoes to avoid falling. And last but not least, additional bathing suits!

Sun protection

The hot summer sun can easily dehydrate you or make a sunburn. Take a lot of sunscreen lotion and carry a reusable bottle of good quality water with you, it will remind you to drink often.

Don’t forget the fun

Card games and books do not take up much space, they will help you relax and enjoy a good rest on board.

Be ready

Everyone can get sick at sea. If you are prone to seasickness, make sure you are prepared. Bring a pack of dramamine or another means to combat seasickness.

Luggage weight limit

There are no restrictions on how much luggage you can take, however, due to the fact that the storage space on yachts is limited, we recommend to pack small soft bags or bags that can easily fit into a drawer or small closet.

Can I rent a boat in Greece without a captain?

Yes, in some cases you can rent a boat without a captain, if you have the necessary certification and experience. Make sure that the owner or our travel consultant will know that you are looking for a yacht charter in Greece without a crew when you send a request.

Do I need to have any previous yachting experience?

Not! You can rent a yacht with a captain or make a request to hire a responsible and professional captain with many years of experience. You will surely be able to relax aboard while your captain or crew takes care of the yacht.

Should I help on the yacht?

If you order a yacht with a captain, it will be headed by a responsible, friendly and professional captain with a high level of knowledge and many years of experience who will help you to feel relaxed and safe. However, despite the fact that your captain will do all the work, he may sometimes need a little extra help with something light, for example, at the berth of the yacht.

What are some basic safety tips?

All vessels and captains adhere to strict international safety standards for ship equipment and operations. Our captains will do everything with incredible dignity to protect the lives of passengers and crew at sea, but we also advise our travelers to adhere to some basic rules during the holidays. We also offer you to familiarize yourself with the international rules of conduct on the yacht.

  1. Pay attention to the captain during the registration and make sure that you understand and will be able to follow all the rules he talks about, especially with regard to navigation equipment and safety engineering.
  2. Take the time to personally familiarize yourself with the navigation system and safety equipment of your boat.
  3. Be careful when you go barefoot on the deck, especially if it is not made of teak, because it can be very slippery and you can damage it and cause harm to yourself.
  4. Make sure you have seasickness medicine, as well as sunscreen and tanning cream.
  5. Do not drink alcohol or any substance or medicine that will impair your ability to think clearly and make the right judgments, leading to security risks for you and your group.
  6. Do not swim or dive in bad weather, after eating, under the influence of alcohol or other substances.
  7. Do not attempt to navigate the boat without a captain on board.
  8. Ask any questions if you need additional clarification.

How to choose the sea to travel?

Mediterranean Sea! Why the Mediterranean? Currently our site offers yacht rental most of which are in the Mediterranean and it is not without reason! From the calm waters of the Ionian Sea and Sicily, regions located in Greece and Turkey, the Mediterranean is the ideal environment for experienced sailors and novices, offering you access to the most exciting places and experiences you can imagine.

Regardless of whether you are looking for quiet villages on the coast or modern resorts and glamorous nightclubs, whether you want to delve into the culture and history or can not wait to spend your days doing water sports during the day and partying at night, you will find something what are looking for in the Mediterranean.

What electrical appliances can I connect?

As a rule, anything that can be plugged into your car’s outlet can also be connected to 12V on a yacht and 220V cutter. Appliances, such as hair dryers and irons, use a lot of energy to work and can damage the electrical system of a yacht. These instruments can only be safely used after the yacht is docked and powered from the shore.

Can I connect an iPod or iPhone to the sound system of the yacht?

Most of our yachts have sound systems where you can connect your device, but you will probably need to connect your own cable to them. Please do not hesitate to contact the site consultant if you want to check whether the boat you are interested in has a suitable sound system.

Can I travel at night?

Travel at night to the sea is considered dangerous and therefore impractical. It is best to plan your vacation based on the following recommendations:

  1. The best hours to cover the distance are in the morning.
  2. Your captain should never sail a yacht for more than 8 hours a day.
  3. Most marinas, especially in popular locations, tend to fill up early in the day, so it’s best to get to your final destination the previous evening.
  4. Overnight stay at sea is not recommended and should be avoided unless in an emergency.

Why you should book a vacation on a yacht?

Because sailing is:

Quality of life: Boating brings people together, provides opportunities for physical exercise, leads you to new places, helps you relax.

Family: Work, school and everyday worries will finally give you the opportunity to spend some time with your loved ones.

Friends: 24/7 fun with friends. Do I need to say more?

Romance: Together, watch the starry sky or the magnificent surrounding views, go boating and swim in the wild beaches, and generally spend this romantic time together in a colorful way.

Self-organization: Whether learning to scuba diving or just time to enjoy the tranquility of an evening sunset, riding a yacht will help you find and redefine yourself.

New experiences and sensations: Relaxation, no stress, sunset and drinks on board, meeting the sunrise, juices and adrenaline, swimming and diving, every day will bring you something new.

Fun: There are always new directions to explore, new friendships that can be formed, new memories that will be created.

Proximity to nature: According to a Harvard University study, nature is not only good for your health, but also makes you happier. So jump on board and take to the open water, sunlight and fresh air.

What to do if sea-sickness comes?

Many novice sailors worry that they can get seasick during their holidays, but seasickness is not something that should prevent you from enjoying amazing holidays! Here are some proven and correct recommendations to help you avoid unpleasant feelings.

What to do:

  1. Stay on deck.
  2. Be busy and try to escape.
  3. Make sure your eyes are looking, but not fixed on the horizon.
  4. Take a deep breath and drink plenty of water.
  5. Find a quiet place on the boat, where the movement is minimal and allows your eyes to look at the horizon.
  6. Eat light foods and avoid fatty or spicy foods.
  7. Contact your site consultant and ask about which directions will be best for you and in which seasons.
  8. Take some nausea remedies with you, just in case!

What not to do:

  1. Watch through binoculars for anything longer than 2-3 seconds. It is better to exclude.
  2. Read or look closely at objects. Try to see your peripheral vision on the horizon.
  3. Go to your cabin. It is better to sit on a sun lounger and breathe fresh air.

Do all yachts have showers and bedding?

Almost all yachts (except small motorboats) have toilets with a shower. More information can be found on the yacht profile page. You can also see the number of toilets and other amenities offered by the yacht. Some yachts are equipped with showers on deck, which is especially convenient when you want to quickly take a shower after diving into the water.

Bed linen, towels and toiletries

When you book exclusive vacations, you can be sure that your yacht will be equipped with hotel bedding sets and towels for each guest. However, please include your toiletries in your packing list!

Yachts from our site

Since 2013, the team of our site had the opportunity to view a decent arsenal of yachts for rent. We met each of them personally, both with the yachts and their owners. Vessels placed on our website are manually selected yachts for charter , which were selected for you away from your home.

To make sure that the yacht you have chosen for the charter is in perfect condition, our captains personally do the audit, eliminate any shortcomings so that everything on board the yacht is in order for your arrival. We ourselves periodically (and without warning) visit some yachts in order to monitor the readiness to receive guests.

In addition, the international classification societies regularly conduct mechanical checks on all yachts cruising the expanses of Greece, Turkey and Croatia.

Can I change the boat after booking?

If you want to change the yacht or change your booking (for personal reasons) after the deposit has been paid, we will do our best to help you return the deposit and make changes to your events, however, we cannot guarantee that this will be possible.

Please note that a change may incur administrative fees, and depending on the desired result, additional fees may be required, which you will have to pay in addition to the deposit paid. Of course, we will notify you of these details before proceeding.

You can request changes, clarify details or book a yacht by contacting the website consultant via chat, feedback form or contacts listed on our website.

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