If you are reading this article about the prices of yachts, then you should not talk about the benefits of buying a yacht. Know that the price of the yacht will directly depend on your preferences. Do not rush to purchase the first boat you like. But nevertheless, buying a yacht is much cheaper than renting it.

Yachts that you can meet in the search process, can be divided into custom, semi-custom, serial and used yachts. Before you go to the choice of model, first you should specify the size of your budget. Do you afford to keep the boat in the future?

The best of the best

Among the smaller ships, such yachts are particularly popular: Sealine International, Princess Yachts, Sunseeker International, Fairline boat, Azimut-Benetti Group, Ferretti Yachts, Codecasa. 
The best yachts with a length of more than 35 meters:

  • Italian-Codecasa and Azimut-Benetti Group.
  • Dutch -Feadship, Amels, Heesen.
  • German-Blohm + Voss and Lurssen Yachts.

Germany and Holland are based in the manufacture of individual yachts. England and Italy are the best in the production of serial yachts. Recently, consumers have been attracted to the purchase of a ship from China, Taiwan or the United Arab Emirates. This is due to a significant price difference. Although the quality of the yachts of these countries are not inferior to the same England or Italy. 
A used yacht is worth buying in Turkey. On the coast of this country, there is a huge market for the sale of used yachts. Only proven yachts are put up for sale. Therefore, when buying a B.U. yachts in Turkey, you will save well and buy a quality yacht. You can also go and look for a used yacht to Turkey or Croatia.

Yacht prices

There is a misconception that a large vessel will be more expensive. But it is not so! It all depends on the equipment, quality, type, model of the yacht. It may be small, but equipped with all the innovations in the world of technology. Among yacht collectors, the price will depend on the number of prizes. The more victories, the more expensive the yacht. If we are talking about small yachts (10-15 meters), their price will be from 1 million euros. Those that are genuine (from 20 meters) – from 2.5 million euros. But nevertheless, it is impossible to say approximately the cost of the yacht. The price will depend on what purpose they want to buy it. But if you are asking the price of a brand new yacht, think about the fact that the exact same model of a used type will cost much less. The downside in this case will be some wear. As for the price, used. sailing yacht will cost you only from 20 thousand euros, and a larger yacht from 50 thousand.

The cost of buying a yacht abroad

To buy a yacht abroad cheaper, you will need to go a long way and possibly lose a lot of time. Before you buy a yacht, always talk in advance with the owner. According to the person, it is possible to understand the condition of the ship. If you buy a yacht through brokers, still ask the contacts of the former owner. You have every right to do so!

You need to take into account the additional costs when buying a yacht:

  • Setting under the flag of 600 euros.
  • Insurance – 500 euros.
  • Parking fees are approximately 1,300 euros.
  • Continuous maintenance and diagnostics – from 2000 euros.

These prices may differ slightly from the prices today!


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