How to rent a yacht – checklist

Searches yachts for travel take more than one day. If you have decided which route will follow and what qualities the floating means should possess, then it’s time to start looking for a ship. Experts recommend choosing a yacht in advance. There are two reasons for this:

1. For early booking charter companies provide decent discounts.

2. All new ships are dismantled immediately after the New Year holidays.

So try to make a deposit no later than the end of January. Search for a cruise ship is best on the websites of charter companies. In this case, the rental yacht is made without intermediaries. Countries that specialize in such services: Turkey, Greece, Croatia, Montenegro.

It should be remembered about the observance of safety precautions while sailing. The best option if the crew of the vessel includes at least two people with experience in this field. If you are planning to sail the yacht for the first time yourself, you must pass training.

Large charter companies in addition to renting yachts, provide the services of a professional skipper. With it you will be sure of a successful finale of your trip and enjoy the cruise to the fullest. 

Issue price

Traveling on a yacht – an event not cheap. The cost of the charter of the vessel depends on different parameters:

· Type of vessel;

· Additional services (crew availability);

· Travel duration;

· Age and size of the yacht;

· Booking time.

Charter companies rent motor yachts, sailing, combined, catamarans. Their size can vary from fifteen to one hundred and fifty meters, and the capacity can be up to forty people.

You can rent a yacht almost anywhere in the world: the Mediterranean, the Atlantic, Asia, the Indian Ocean, Australia and Oceania, Alaska and even Antarctica.

The lease term lasts from an hour to several months. All conditions are negotiated individually and are written in the contract. The following expenses must be added to the rental price:

· Depreciation costs. As a rule, they make up to thirty percent of the rental price and include the cost of fuel, parking fees, the cost of food and beverages, an additional cultural program for guests.

· Fees and charges. VAT on ship rental in different countries may vary. It depends on the tax laws of the country and ranges from six to twenty percent.

· Yacht transfer fee. Swimming equipment can be delivered to the temporary owner anywhere in the world (at his request). This service is charged separately. 

General procedure for acceptance of the yacht

After signing the lease agreement, you arrive at the specified time at the place of basing the vessel. This is followed by the following procedure:

· Reception of the checklist, reception of the yacht. If after inspection the client does not have any claims, he signs the checklist;

· Make a deposit. Its amount depends on the amount of insurance for a specific swimming facility;

· Receiving a complete set of documents. You need to specify in advance where you will return the yacht.

A yacht is a real home. Therefore, it is painstaking to take it into use. The checklist contains all the positions that should be mandatory on the vessel. The first part of the list lists the internal equipment of the boat. In the second – its external equipment.

To avoid unpleasant surprises, ask questions of the charter company and be sure to carefully check the yacht before going to the open sea.

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