Yacht trip

We offer you one of the many options of river cruises on the yacht, the route can be supplemented or modified if desired.

Three-hour walk on the yacht: a little, but good!

Water area: Klyazma – Pirogov reservoir

Average journey time: 3 – 4 hours 5000$

From what time you have, the route and types of entertainment depend. And the comfort and luxury of yachts is an independent concept. On white river swallows – yachts are always exclusive and pleasant.

A small romantic walk on a yacht is always appropriate and convenient – when there is little time or just want to spend a pleasant day – in comfort, with pleasure, with bright sunshine.

Or admire the sunset and enjoy the silence and nature, when there are few people on the beaches, and it seems that only you are far from the city. Romance can be different, so Aquatoria has a lot of offers on hand – from renting a boat and active water activities to hiring luxury motor yachts.

Have time for everything!

The nearest yacht in Moscow region is waiting for its guests in Pirogovo. This is the closest to the capital and a beautiful route – during this short time, you can have time to regain strength and health, as forest tracts separate Pirogovo from Moscow.

A large area of ​​the water surface allows not only to walk slowly through the reservoir, but also to ride jet skis, water skiing, swim in the depths. 
Renting boats is possible immediately with an instructor – if you plan to ride a hovercraft, aquabike or skiing – a professional lifeguard should be sure to be safe.

You can order lunch from the restaurant on the yacht, or take food and drinks with you – there is always a great appetite for water, and the open deck with an ice table for drinks and comfortable sofas invites you to chat over a glass of cold juice.

Rent a sailing yacht or motor yacht?

The differences are known: a sailboat has a lower speed than a motor yacht. But if there is no goal for three hours to race at high speed, then renting a sailing yacht for families with children can be more interesting: there are tackles on the deck, you can help the captain control the sails, and the yacht looks like in a movie.

The sound of sails flapping in the wind creates images from adventure books in my head. A calm sailboat is not a hindrance: all modern yachts are equipped with motors, in any weather the ship moves at the right speed – therefore, good mood and a comfortable walk on the yacht are guaranteed!

Birthday on the yacht

Birthday on a yacht is a backstage event, as up to 18 people can usually be on board at the same time.

And if you need a banquet, because the birthday boy decided to congratulate all the relatives and friends? It is easy to decide: a banquet can be organized in one of the yacht clubs with their menus and chef, or you can order catering (meals on a yacht) of any cuisine in the world.


Rent a yacht on the Pirogov reservoir – the closest set of pleasures 5 *: fresh air, sun, water and hot teak deck just 10 minutes from Moscow! 
We cooperate with ship owners directly, and as one of the first agencies working on the development of yachting in Russia, we offer only exceptional service. Enjoy your summer holidays!

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