How do you rent a yacht

A small algorithm, help or life hacking, whatever you like to call it, but here we have collected the most important thing that a person who knows nothing in renting a yacht should know, and just wants to have a normal, quiet rest on the sea on a yacht.?

A lot of people want to rent a yacht.

Well, this is now, when we ate Turkey with Egypt. About rent a yacht for the Russian, in Russian – see here … .

And, naturally, they ask: “How do yachts rent at all? What should we do? Who should go where, what to say? ”- in general, they ask for advice.

Yacht Voyage, as the most advanced company on the charter market and in fact the only one of its kind in Russia, provides answers.?

So, if you decide, or just, finally, want a truly comfortable holiday, then do this:?

  1. Rent yacht
  2. Agree on direction – the place where you want to travel; dates – here keep in mind that yacht rental traditionally takes place from Saturday to Saturday and is measured in weeks (although there are sometimes exceptions, but rarely); type of yacht or catamaran – the more guests there are, the more comfort you want, the larger the vessel you need, but the price increases. At this stage there is a preliminary reservation for 3-7 days. During this period, you can coordinate with friends or fellow travelers dates, destinations, boat, routes, budgets, and so on. and all this change times 20.
  3. If we have agreed on everything and collected money, we confirm the reservation and sign the contract. All this can go through email. Informatization!
  4. After the exchange of signatures, you need within 5 banking days to make an advance payment of 50% of the price of the entire charter.
  5. We are patiently waiting for the summer, and when it’s warm in Europe. 30 days before the start of the charter you need to make a full payment. In a good way, any form of payment)))
  6. Now we need a complete list of your guests who will travel with you and their documents. Unfortunately, we do not deal with visas, but we have Montenegro – quite a visa-free country, where Russians are very much loved and expected.
  7. Since Yacht Voyage easily provides yachts to people who know how to operate a yacht (the so-called bareboat), in this case, you need to provide a certificate of your skills and confirm the experience of managing ships in a standard form that you can? 
  8. Well, now the vacation is very soon, and we gently remind ourselves and your sea holiday, sending recommendations on transfers, products, infrastructure, and other things that seem to be not noticeable, but such an important component of your comfortable rest. The only thing: you have to take care of the plane tickets yourself – what to do, we only have sailing catamarans in the fleet, not superjets (((
  9. Barin has arrived! The base will meet you, accept and fulfill orders for additional services – food-alcohol, skipper-cook, water activities, additional sports sails, etc. They are paid separately directly on the yacht base. A refundable deposit is immediately made. It can be made either in cash or by blocking the amount on your bank card. At the same time there is an opportunity to insure the deposit and, if anything, you pay less – it is all desirable to discuss in advance with the manager at the initial stage. Red tape delays. By the way, the size of the deposit also depends on the size of the yacht.
  10. It started – the client accepts the yacht: you, together with the director of the base, check the technical condition of the equipment, the availability of everything you need, including bedding, kitchen appliances, etc.Especially check the engines, the presence of full tanks of fuel, fresh water, gas for the kitchen, air conditioning and navigation equipment, gear. Toilets should be flushed, water should flow, fuel should burn. Do not miss anything, even if you took a skipper! At the end, the acceptance certificate is signed.
  11. Actually, the charter. You can relax and relax comfortably on the sea, almost on your own yacht. In terms of comfort, a catamaran is better than a single-hull yacht, believe me, we compared .
  12. Usually, on the last day of the charter – Friday, before 17:00 you must return to the port. It is spelled out in the contract, you can not break! Now it’s the other way around – you rent out, and the director of the database with a technical worker takes the yacht. This happens until 9:00 am Saturday. Why not be late? Because on Saturday evening another happy vacationer on this yacht will also want to hang out with comfort, and therefore we need to wash the yacht after you, refuel, repair, if it breaks. Usually in the morning there is still a diver who will inspect the underwater part – also, by the way, an interesting sight))) Saturday is the hardest day in the life of base workers, so try to understand and forgive.
  13. Return a deposit! Unlocking on the card takes 2-3 weeks, does not depend on us, it’s all a bank! It may happen that you still broke something, or it itself, as usual, broke – nothing lasts forever under the moon. It’s sad, but we have to keep the cost of repair out of deposit. How many? It happens 100 euros, and it happens in all.
  14. If you liked everything or you are mad, in any case – leave a review. You can directly mail to [email protected] This can be very useful for the education of our employees – even the carrot, even the whip. Well, in general – you do not mind, but we are pleased.

Now, when you know everything, feel free to take the phone, write letters, because if you want to guaranteed to rent a yacht just when it’s warm, and not to fight for a place with holidaymakers from Europe, you must book now.

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