Yacht rental  worldwide. Independent sailing trips are becoming more popular every year. And this is easily explained, because you choose the route, the company, the stops, you have your own travel schedule! This is complete freedom under sail anywhere in the world.

One of the main and main issues facing yachtsmen who are planning an independent trip is yacht rental. In choosing a boat there are many nuances that you need to know, making a contract for the rental of the vessel. Even experienced sailors can hardly take everything into account, and newcomers are completely lost, and we understand them! The “Friendly Regatta” has been helping yachtsmen to rent yachts for years. When drawing up recommendations, we apply all our experience, we connect the professional community of skippers:

  • find a fleet, proven marines, give the contacts of charter companies;
  • we will select the best yachts at good prices, and discuss favorable conditions with the charters;
  • Orient to more convenient airports close to marinas;
  • We will help you to make a route: let us warn about possible dangers along the way, tell you where you don’t catch a connection, give recommendations on marines, we know their strengths and weaknesses;
  • we will show the sights along the route;
  • We are not the first year working with charters: we will settle questions as they arise, we will tell you what to look for when communicating, let you know where they can inflate prices;
  • we will prepare documents for obtaining visas – confirmation of the intention to rent a yacht on the way;
  • We will make insurance for outdoor activities with an extension for water recreation.

To rent a yacht from you need: wishes on the country or route of travel, number of people, skipper license, visas, tickets.

If your team does not yet have a certified skipper, or you prefer a comfortable tourist rest to boat control, we are always ready to help. Our captain will be happy to get behind the wheel! Selection of an individual tour with a personalized program and itinerary, an experienced skipper is our concern. You will only enjoy the rest and chat with loved ones.

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