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Many probably believe that a yacht is a luxury only for millionaires. In fact, it is not. Of course, the yacht will be a pretty penny to its future owner, but if you look at all the yachtsmen, their number is clearly more than the number of bank account holders with six zeros. Now let’s get to the important point – what needs to be considered when buying a yacht?

Criteria affecting the choice and purchase of the yacht. The basic criteria include:

  • your budget – the amount of money you are willing to spend on a yacht;
  • the purpose of the purchase – how are you going to use the vessel, how much time to spend afloat, etc .;
  • Yacht parameters – size, capacity, driving performance, etc.
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The size of the budget significantly predetermines the choice of the future yachtsman. Even if you do not have enough money to buy a new yacht, you can always take a used one. This does not mean at all that you will get a leaky vessel, it all depends on the offers that you have at your disposal.

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The main thing is not to get hooked because if you are not sufficiently informed about the yachts, you can buy a beautiful package, inside which lies an unattractive gift. Therefore, first consult with experts, friends, acquire more skills in the field of yachting, or just take a friend who is well versed in yachts. This rule also applies when buying a new yacht because lack of awareness can lead to the fact that you will not get the option that fully satisfy your needs.

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It should be clearly understood why you need a yacht. If you prefer a calm exit to the sea, then it makes no sense to take a vessel with racing potential. It is important not only to buy a yacht, but also to look after her. Throwing the yacht afloat during the whole year is a sure way to its quick failure. Changes in temperature, precipitation, humidity – all this has a detrimental effect on the finishing material. Thrifty owners always make sure that in the winter their beauty is in a special room with a fixed temperature regime. These services are provided by various yacht clubs that take care of your yacht in the off season.

buying a yacht

From the goal of future purchase derive the required parameters of the vessel. Decide how many people will travel on a yacht, at what distance. It is considered that the length of the yacht from 9 to 12 meters is considered the most acceptable and massive option, providing a comfortable rest. The strength of the vessel and its safety are the criteria that can ensure a perfect and safe rest on the water.

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Do not forget that buying a yacht requires the execution of a number of documents, including the rights to manage the yacht. Abroad, no rights are required to operate a sailing yacht, and in Russia you have to tinker with the design of such a document.

New yacht or still used

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If you of course have a multi-thousand budget and the purchase of a yacht does not affect your condition, but emphasizes your status, then buying a used one is out of the question. In case you are a beginner yachtsman planning to acquire not only an amateur but also a professional skills in the future, the question of buying a used yacht remains in force. Many novice sailors do that. First, they buy a used vessel, and in time they choose a new yacht for themselves which they already understand from A to Z.

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Buying a new yacht is carried out in the dealer centers, where you are ready to help you in every way in choosing the yacht of your dreams. Those who bought the new yacht never forget the first launch, the smell of its novelty and the sea of ​​positive emotions that truly make you feel free and sufficient person.

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Buying a used yacht requires careful selection and inspection. there are no guarantees for it, and the fact that you buy will remain only yours. The list of recommendations for the search and selection of used yachts is as follows:

  • search for proposals for ads on the Internet, newspapers, magazines, with the hands of private individuals;
  • Do not forget about the services of professionals or at least friends who will not let you fall into the trap;
  • direct purchase without intermediary;
  • buying a yacht with a finished property can reduce the cost of its arrangement;
  • inspect in detail the yacht: sides, bottom, fasteners, deck, mast for deformations, check the condition of the cables, rails, sails, and engine ), hatches, covers, inspect the power supply and check the wiring;
  • make a list of the inspection of the yacht, so that at your leisure once again reflect on her condition.

Surveyor Services

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The surveyor is an expert person who will inspect the vessel and make its expert opinion in a detailed report on the condition of the vessel. This so-called Inspection Act, which will acquaint you in detail with the found advantages and disadvantages of the yacht, recommendations for their elimination, as well as an acceptable variant of its price. You are not obliged to show this document to anyone, it is only yours and serves as a recommendation to you for choosing in favor of or against the purchase of a vessel. Sometimes it happens that the stated price in the Inspection Report is even higher than the seller requests, which is an affirmative fact to non-disclosure of the information of this document to other persons.

Buying a yacht abroad

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Most experts recommend buying a yacht whose length is from 9 to 18 meters abroad. In Russia, such yachts produce very little, so there is not enough choice and their cost is higher. Even taking into account the cost of transportation and clearance fees and charges, the purchase of such yachts abroad is a cheaper option. Overseas production is a large-scale conveyor that allows you to minimize the price due to mass production. By competing with each other, manufacturers not only drop the price, but constantly improve the quality of the vessel, dictated by the competition.

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